Thursday, July 22, 2004

More on Military Menses

Speaking of menstrual periods and the Army, from an illuminating study on the attitudes and knowledge of Pill use for period control among military women:

- 86% desired temporary period suppression during field training

- 83% wanted period suppression during deployments

- 54% didn't know that the Pill can be used to suppress the [fake] period

- only 7% have used period control during deployment

The study concludes:

Although a significant number of soldiers desire OCP-induced amenorrhea [Oral Contraceptive Pill-induced cessation of bleeding], a large deficit in knowledge exists. Routine education as an Army-wide standard is warranted.

As soon as the book is finished (final draft corrections due in two days!) I'm ready to start teaching soldiers about menstrual management. Now if I can only get those Marines to stop giggling.


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