Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gimme That Ol' Time Rape

Photo by mayr.

If you're a female of reproductive age, it is a given in this country that you are not competent to make your own medical decisions when it comes to terminating a pregnancy. Politicians, like for example Sen. Doug Henry from TN, are the ones who get to decide what's best for you, as well they should:

Sen. Doug Henry, an 81-year-old Nashville Democrat, explaining to the state Senate his votes surrounding amendments to the abortion resolution: "Rape, ladies and gentlemen, is not today what rape was. Rape, when I was learning these things, was the violation of a chaste woman, against her will, by some party not her spouse. Today it’s simply, ‘Let’s don’t go forward with this act.’"

For you see ladies, you might think you know your medical history best. And you might think you should be the ones making medical decisions for yourselves. But until, and unless, you require that, in order for a physical assault to count, a victim's hymenal tissue must meet certain specifications, you have no business making your own abortion decisions.


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