Thursday, February 07, 2008

Patient Identity: What Phill Kline Wants, Phill Kline Gets

Disturbing new information about Kansas' former Attorney General, deranged pustule Phill "Patient Chart Thief" Kline (emphasis mine):

Laura Shaneyfelt, one of Tiller's lawyers, told Buchanan that Kline had been able to identify patients, even after the state Supreme Court ordered that the names be removed.

Shaneyfelt showed a document from the attorney general's office, compiled when Kline held the post, that matched guest registration records at a hotel near Women's Health Care Services with dates and details of abortion records. According to a February 2005 subpoena, Kline's office asked for information and telephone records of guests at the La Quinta Inn who stayed in rooms reserved by Tiller and his employees, as well as addresses and telephone numbers of guests at the hotel who "received a medical discount." Kline spokesperson Brian Burgess said that the patients were not identified but did not elaborate, saying that the details of the investigation are still under seal....

The good news is that there's a new group of 2,000 Kansas patients whose private medical information will soon be available for public consumption. Oh, the endless fun and giggles one can have when perusing a perfect stranger's medical record!

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