Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And there was anger at the fact that [Catholic hospitals] can disregard medical issues for their religious beliefs

If you are a female patient in a Catholic hospital your health does not matter. Your life does not matter. Neither does the medical standard of care. Also, your needs, wishes, desires, and your family are irrelevant.

Jessica Mann is 33. Her doctor suggested that due to the risk from an inoperable tumor in her brain, she should take pains to prevent future pregnancies after the birth of this baby, who is due next month. Mann decided to have a tubal ligation while under anesthesia during the upcoming birth. Her hospital, however — Genesys Regional Medical Center — has refused to allow the procedure to take place on its premises. “I was surprised and upset,” said Mann. “And there was anger at the fact that they can disregard medical issues for their religious beliefs.”
As a pregnant patient in a Catholic hospital you are just a uterine container at the mercy of Catholic Bishops.  

Catholic hospitals are taking up a growing portion of the U.S. market share as provider networks grow and absorb other hospitals. According to a study by the ACLU and public advocacy group MergerWatch, the number of Catholic hospitals increased by 16 percent even as the overall number of hospitals in the country declined. “By 2011, the report found, 10 percent of all acute-care hospitals were Catholic-sponsored or -affiliated, representing about 1 in 9 hospital beds in the country,” wrote the Post‘s Sandhya Somashekhar.
If you are a female patient stay away from Catholic hospitals if at all possible. It is the only way to ensure you receive proper medical care.

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