Saturday, November 15, 2003

Menstrual Period Frequency

Some data on menstrual period frequency and women's preferences:

- One study found that 82% of women welcomed having their period only once every three months.

- In a large survey, 80% of women said they would eliminate the period completely or at least reduce its frequency to less than once a month.

- A Harris poll* found that, overall, 44% of women would prefer to never have a period, increasing to 59% for women ages 40-49. The percentage of women who preferred to have a monthly period: 29%.

So, the question is: How often do you want to have a menstrual period?

Update: Welcome to all the visitors from A Small Victory.

*Harris poll: Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. Extended regimen oral contraceptives. Harris Poll. June 14-17, 2002.



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