Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tabled in Courts of Justice

Via missmeridian, we find out that Virginia's HB 1807 has been Tabled in Courts of Justice.

HB 1807 is the bill proposing penalties for providing birth control to a minor in certain circumstances (see here, here, and here).

So, isn't this great news? Or is it? I ask, because the first time I read "Tabled in Courts of Justice" I had no idea what that meant. I looked it up, and I'm still not convinced I know what it means: either 1) the bill was shelved, or 2) the bill was postponed due to some legal action (?in Courts of Justice).

Remind me again, why is it not the politicians' duty to make sure legislation is written in clear, accessible language? [No, no, this question was not at all prompted by me being miffed at the double standard. Political and/or legal communication--the more obscure, the better. Medical communication: if the patient doesn't end up knowing at least as much as you do, you've failed to give informed consent.]


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