Sunday, April 17, 2005

Plan C

If the FDA rejects restricted OTC sales of Plan B, what is Barr's next move? According to its CEO Bruce Downey, the plan is to divide and conquer:

Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. plans to woo individual U.S. states if the Food and Drug Administration rejects its bid to sell its emergency contraceptive nationwide without prescription, company officials said on Thursday.

"If for whatever reason we're unsuccessful at the FDA, we'll start a more aggressive nationwide program to get the collaborative program expanded in other states," Barr Chief Executive Officer Bruce Downey said.

Six states - Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, New Mexico and Washington - allow pharmacists to write prescriptions for the Plan B pill, either by taking a special course, or by working with a physician. New Hampshire state lawmakers are considering a similar proposal.

This move should go over great with certain local pharmacists.


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