Monday, May 28, 2007

Spot the Rapist Enablers


Good to know that a conservative Islamic society would never tolerate rape. This must mean all those janjaweed rapists and their enablers, listed below, are just a figment of the imagination. I'm sure the women of Darfur will be most pleased to find out they've been imagining things.

Rapist enablers:

- the Sudanese government

- the African Union

- the international community

- people/families in the refugee camp

And, last but not least, the utter incompetents at the U.N., you know, the ones working closely with Sudanese authorities to improve the government's response to rape allegations.

UPDATE: President Bush orders new economic sactions and wants to propose a U.N. resolution to strengthen international pressure on the Sudanese government of President Omar al-Bashir.

Note the reply of someone working to ease the suffering of Darfuri people:

Save Darfur Coalition director David Rubenstein welcomed the sanctions, but said they might be too little, too late.

"President Bush must not give further months to determine whether these outlines measures work — the Darfuri people don't have that much time," he said. "The president must set a short and firm deadline for fundamental changes in Sudanese behavior, and prepare now to implement immediately further measures should Khartoum continue to stonewall."

Now, the response from the oil exploitersChinese (emphasis mine):

Meanwhile, Liu Guijin, China's new troubleshooter on Africa, defended Chinese investment in Sudan Tuesday as a better way to stop the bloodshed rather than the sanctions advocated by the U.S. and other Western governments.

Fresh from his first trip to Sudan since his appointment this month as a special government envoy, Liu said he saw no desperation in refugee camps in Darfur last week and found that international and Sudanese groups were working together to solve humanitarian problems there.

"I didn't see a desperate scenario of people dying of hunger," Liu said at a media briefing. Rather, he said, people in Darfur thanked him for the Chinese government's help in building dams and providing water supply equipment.

To the Glory of the Chinese [Vaterland] the Darfuri people most gratefully bow! If we could just bottle up Liu's garbage, we could sell it as a 100% proof emetic. And what about the reporter? Isn't a reporter's job to get the facts. Either there's no genocide going on in Darfur and the refugee camps are, in fact, resort-type destinations, or Liu Guijin, an official of the Chinese government is lying through his teeth. If the latter is true, shouldn't the report ask Liu to explain why he's lying?

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