Saturday, May 03, 2008

By the Grace of God, Court Affirms Belief-Based Plan B Sales

Religion trumps science
Photo by babasteve

When it comes to dispensing Plan B, a safe and effective drug with no major side effects, it's not only the pharmacist's religious beliefs that take precedence over the patient's health, her autonomy and her relationship with her physician.

The pharmacist's religious sado-masochistic tendencies also play a deciding role. For you see, as long as the pharmacist keeps his/her S&M tendencies in check and only inflicts reparable harm on the patient, it's acceptable for the pharmacist to commit malpractice and refuse to sell a legal drug.

Bottom line: A court just decided that, when it comes to Plan B, suffering irreparable harm is the standard for access to an OTC drug. There's no way to go but down from here.

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