Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Secret of Governor Palin's Medical Records

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Governor Palin, a tad unclear on the need for someone in her position to present a medical history, promised that if her medical records are released, we'll see that she is a happy and healthy multip. [You know, trust and don't verify.]

A week ago Gov. Palin's campaign promised to actually release information on her medical history. With only two more days left till Nov. 4, we're still waiting for that information.

Needless to say, this failure to disclose any medical information has led to rampant speculation online. The amateur medical detective consensus seems to be that some deep, dark secret in Gov. Palin's obstetric history is the reason for her failure to release her medical records.

Poppycock, and here's why.

The purpose of a candidate releasing his/her medical record is to help voters judge their medical, not ideological, suitability for the job. As such, Gov. Palin's detailed Ob history--her exact gravidity--is irrelevant.

Other than the fact that she's a multip (she's had more than one child), it would be unprofessional for her Ob/Gyn to release anything about, say, her past abortion history. [I know I wouldn't.] Having had, or not having had, an abortion has no impact on how medically fit Gov. Palin is to run for elected office.

So, regardless of what Gov. Palin's actual obstetrics history might be, I am fairly certain it is not the reason for her failing to release her medical records.


Gov. Palin releases letter from her FP (.pdf). She's in very good health (BP 96/61, P 77; no labs), with no significant past medical and family history, four term and one pre-term deliveries, NKDA, and no meds.

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