Friday, March 20, 2009

Catholic Priests and Sex

Remember how the Catholic church considers rendering proper medical care to a kid an excommunicable sin, but the rape of a child not so much? Come to find out that, in addition to pedophilia, there's another type of, you know, rascally behavior not worthy of excommunication, namely priests having affairs with their parishioners:

"Parishioners blame women, say we seduce the priests, but we are brought up to respect and honor men, and women can't say no to a priest who is held up to us as a fount of knowledge in daily communication with God," she said.

Co-founder [of Women Ordination South Africa] Dina Cormick said priests who are caught having affairs are sent on retreats or moved to other parishes while nuns caught in sexual liaisons with priests are forced to leave their orders.

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