Saturday, August 08, 2009

Billy Mays' Medical Information


Like many of you I was surprised by the news that cocaine use had contributed to the heart disease that suddenly killed popular TV pitchman Billy Mays. But what really blew me over was the conduct of the Hillsborough County medical examiner's office:

The medical examiner "concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death," the office said in a press release.


Mays' family questioned the finding of cocaine and criticized the medical examiner's officer for issuing the report.

Releasing details of a patient's medical history via press release, and no next-of-kin authorization. Can you get any more professional than the staff of the Hillsborough County medical examiner's office?



At 1:32 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Quick question... With the cocktail of medications Mays was on, could the combination(s) have broken down into something toxicology tests would detect as the breakdown products of cocaine? Seems odd to me that a man who seemed to prefer downers (at least from the listing of meds he was taking) would use cocaine.


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