Thursday, November 26, 2009

William Saletan Demands Preferential Treatment for Pediatrician Who Performed Sex Acts With Teenage Boys

Dr. Mark Blankenburg, a 53 yo Ohio pediatrician accused of molesting or performing sex acts with former patients (three teenage boys) was recently convicted of 16 sex-related charges.

Commenting on Dr. Blankenburg's case William Saletan wants to know:

"Why aren’t the physical maturity and willingness of the...boy[s]...significant?"

After all, according to William Saletan:

A guy who goes after a [manly] body that happens to be 13 years old is failing to regulate a natural attraction. That doesn’t excuse him. But it does justify treating him differently.

What a shame William Saletan puts all that effort into concern trolling women on account of his abortion fetish. Clearly his time and energy would be much better spent educating us all on how to justify the sexual abuse of children.

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