Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Beloved Senators at Work

I tend to think people deserve the politicians they elect. And then I read about our dysfunctional local politicians. Nobody deserves these unprofessional incompetents:

Parker [a Brooklyn Democrat] dropped several "f-bombs" and called Savino "a b----" as she tried to explain why Monserrate could be immediately expelled with Republican votes, the sources said.

An enraged Parker, who opposed Monserrate's ouster, "went a little ballistic, swearing and screaming that the Republicans have no right to dictate what goes on in our house," one senator said.

Three Monserrate supporters - Sens. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx) and Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) - started yelling and egging Parker on, several sources said.

When Savino told Parker to stop interrupting her, Parker is said to have yelled, "F--k you!"
Savino responded in kind and Parker stormed at her, the source said.

Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx) jumped up and told Parker not to scream at Savino that way, the sources said.

Parker then swore at Klein and asked, "Do you want a piece of me?"

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