Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Vatican: For Child-Raping Priests, Follow Medical Advice; For Nine-Year-Old Raped Girls, Excommunicate the Ob/Gyn

Interesting. When it comes to priests raping minors the Vatican relies on, and follows, the professional recommendation of medical personnel:

"Only upon receipt of full assurance from qualified psychological counselors was the priest in question re-introduced into limited service, under supervision and with extensive limitations on his access to parishioners, after which he did not re-offend," Lena [the attorney for Levada, the top Vatican official who oversees the office that handles cases of alleged abuse by priests] said in an e-mail.

Even Pope Benedict is aware of this practice, so much so that he tries to use it as an excuse, one of the many excuses frenziedly flung to the wall as of late by church representatives and their enablers, in a mad dash to evade responsibility.

On the other hand, when it comes to nine-year-old girls who've been impregnated by their stepfather the Vatican just excommunicates the Ob/Gyn who performs the therapeutic abortion, medical advice be damned forever and ever to the fiery pits of hell.

I guess having a monopoly on the One.True.Morality (TM), you know, the very one the Catholic Church insists should be shoved down the throats of countless patients and their physicians and be made part of their medical care, isn't all that's cracked up to be after all.

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At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They hypocrisy--ugh.

At 2:27 AM, Blogger ema said...

I know, right? Why these people are allowed to draft health care legislation is beyond comprehension.


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