Friday, August 20, 2010

Mummified Remains of Babies Linked [Not!] to 'Peter Pan' Author James M. Barrie

Ah, the good old NY Daily News still trying valiantly to get the hang of this "reporting" thing. From an article headlined Mummified remains of babies linked to 'Peter Pan' author James M. Barrie (emphasis mine):

LOS ANGELES - Cops are following clues that suggest a link between the author of "Peter Pan" and the mummified remains of two babies found in a Los Angeles basement.

"Whether there's a link to the author, whether these are relatives or whether it's a freak coincidence, we don't know," Lt. Joe Losorelli told the Daily News Thursday.


The macabre mystery began late Tuesday when two women cleaning a building's storage area discovered the tiny skeletal remains shrouded in 1930s newspapers.

They were tucked into black leather satchels and locked in a steamer trunk emblazoned with the initials JMB.


Investigators quickly noticed the apparent owner of the trunk shared initials and a last name with James M. Barrie, the Scottish author of the famous "Peter Pan" series, who died in 1937 at age 77.

"We're not prepared to say there's any link," Losorelli said. "We're going to figure it out."



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