Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Save One Billion Dollars, House Republicans Style

Cut Family Planning by $317 and WIC (a program which provides nutritional support for women and children) by $747 million. And just so that foreigners don't feel left out, cut Global Health and Child Survival by $783 million.

Phew, good thing there's no connection between having unprotected intercourse and pregnancy, between pregnancy and having children, and between children and having to, you know, feed them.

Or how about cut Public Housing Capital by $1,072 million and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - Contingency Fund by $390, Community Health Centers by $1,000 million, the CDC's Immunization and respiratory Diseases by $156 million, Public Health Preparedness and Response by $269, and flu funding by $288.

Because when you spend all your money on rent and can't afford to pay the heat bill or pay for a flu shot or an inhaler and you become sick, you don't need no stinkin' Community Health Center to catch the illness early on and treat it. Best to suffer stoically and infect as many people as possible in the process.


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