Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dog Condemned to Death by Stoning

This "Religion, what is it good for?" story better be a joke:

JERUSALEM (AFP) – A Jerusalem rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a dog it suspects is the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago, Ynet website reported Friday.

According to Ynet, the large dog made its way into the Monetary Affairs Court in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, frightening judges and plaintiffs.

Despite attempts to drive the dog out of the court, the hound refused to leave the premises.

One of the sitting judges then recalled a curse the court had passed down upon a secular lawyer who had insulted the judges two decades previously.

Their preferred divine retribution was for the lawyer's spirit to move into the body of a dog, an animal considered impure by traditional Judaism.

Clearly still offended, one of the judges sentenced the animal to death by stoning by local children.

The canine target, however, managed to escape.



At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Coping With PMDD said...

Some Jews do believe in reincarnation, but stoning is apparently still popular too.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of bloody rubbish! WAKE UP it's 2011.

And these guys have the A Bomb, OH NO!

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BBC Later retracted stort.
Though their methods and lack of apology showed their lack of fair play.

They also have a story showing that many common medicines increase the risk of dying, but fail to note that people who take medications are usually sicker and die younger than those who don't.

By the way, Israel may have stopped Syria from building bombs, the world and the Syrian people would definitely be safer now if they had.


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