Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Timing The Menstrual Period

When it comes to skipping the menstrual period (to benefit your health, and/or lifestyle), what do female Ob/Gyns have to say?

[W]omen ob-gyns are nearly unanimous (99%) in the view that menstrual suppression -- the daily use of oral contraceptives to stop monthly periods -- is safe for their patients. More than half of women ob-gyns have tried menstrual suppression themselves.

(Read the entire article; topics range from period control, to elective cesarean delivery, to hormone therapy.)

So, 99% of women Ob/Gyns think that not having a period for months to years at a time (menstrual suppression) is safe. What do you think? Or, maybe a better question might be:

Are you familiar with menstrual suppression and menstrual management?

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