Friday, June 25, 2004

Of Men and Menstrual Periods

The response to the For Men Only survey has been quite modest (20 brave souls). Yet, some interesting glimpses have been afforded into men's attitudes/beliefs about the menstrual period.

The bad news first. The majority of men in the survey didn't know that having a monthly period doesn't lower a woman's risk of cancer:

Q Do you think having a monthly period decreases a woman's risk of cancer?

10% Yes

15% No

70% Don't know

5% Don't care

And now for the good news (and there's a lot of it).

Most men know when the woman in their life (for most respondents, a sexual partner, but also a friend, or a relative) has her period:

Q Do you know when she has her menstrual period?

70% Yes

20% Sometimes

10% No

This is how they acquire the information:

Q How do you know when she has her period?

76.47% She tells you

11.76% You pick up on clues

11.76% You keep track on your own

And this is what they do with it:

Q Assuming you know when she has her monthly period, do you treat her differently than you normally would?

30% Yes

55% No

15% Not sure

This is quite encouraging:

Q Do you feel comfortable discussing period related matters with her?

65% Yes

15% No

20% Not sure

And this is what men (well, the ones that took the survey at least) really think of the menstrual period:

Q In general, when it comes to the menstrual period, do you like it/dislike it/not sure what to think of it/don't have an opinion on it:

10% Like it

20% Dislike it

25% Not sure what to think of it

45% Don't have an opinion on it

Q Do you think most women like having a period every month?

5% Yes

70% No

25% Don't know

Finally, apropos of menstrual management:

Q If there was a safe way for a woman to control how often she has a period, what would your first reaction be if she chooses to have a period only once every few months?

52.63% Great, go for it!

5.26% Wow, spooky!

5.26% Don't do it, it's just weird!

21.05% Not sure what my reaction would be

15.79% Don't care enough to have a reaction

I think you will agree with me: the results are most interesting. I'm very curious to find out if these answers continue to hold true for a larger sample. So, if you're a man, please take a moment to fill out the survey, and if you're a woman, please encourage the men in your life (friends, sexual partners, relatives) to participate.

I'll update the results periodically.


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Lol..Men can be so funny sometimes. And yet, so stupid.


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