Thursday, September 09, 2004


Having an elective cesarean section (C/S) is an emerging choice for American women.

[T]he number of women requesting a primary elective cesarean will continue to increase, speakers predicted at a conference on obstetrics and gynecology sponsored by Symposia Medicus.

The speakers based their predictions primarily on trends in other countries, where primary elective cesarean is already more popular than it is here.

Here are some primary elective C/S country rates from the article:

--40%-50% for many Latin American countries

--80%-90% in Brazil (private hospitals)

--25% for the United States (up from 5% in 1970)

The federal government has set a goal to reduce the present rate of primary C/S deliveries to 12%-15%. [But of course! What we have here is a women's health issue, and the potential for women to make a choice about their health. This. Must. Never. Ever. Go. Unregulated. Vaaapors!] However, it appears this goal won't be met. [Oh, no! What will all the bureaucrats do?]

On a more serious note, if you're contemplating the option of an elective C/S, here's a quick review of the risks and benefits of this procedure.


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