Thursday, November 25, 2004

EC Safe For Adolescents

Update: The initial article isn't available anymore, so here's a different link to EC use in adolescents.

A new study adds to the existing body of evidence about Emergency Contraception (EC) use in adolescents:

Levonorgestrel, a drug used for postcoital emergency contraception (EC), is well tolerated by females aged 13 to 16 years and side effects are minor according to researchers in the US and Switzerland.

Note also this finding:

Treatment with the drug did not affect the duration of menses -- before and after treatment the average duration was about 5 days. Moreover, menses onset occurred within the expected time frame, the researchers note.

While this study is good news for patients and physicians alike, it's bad news for the FDA. New bogus requirements to block OTC access to EC will have to be invented. Since today is a holiday (Happy Thanksgiving everyone!), I propose a new party game, guaranteed to keep family and friends entertained: guess what made-up requirement the FDA will come up with next.


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