Monday, December 06, 2004

Even Communists Do It

Openly, and accurately discuss reproductive health, that is. To fully appreciate the significance of the story to follow, you need to understand a fundamental characteristic of the communist mentality. Basically, in a communist society, if reality does not conform to the party's dogma, that reality doesn't exist. A simple concept, yet a mind-bending experience. But I digress.

What I wanted to bring to your attention is the fact that even the Chinese are starting to acknowledge that humans do, indeed, engage in sexual intercourse, and are, therefore, in need of accurate health information:

A groundbreaking daily television show dealing in a frank manner with sex issues will debut in more than 50 Chinese cities from January 1, reports said.

The rising number of cases of HIV/AIDS and venereal disease in China mean it is no longer possible to ignore questions of health and sexuality in a society where they were for a long time taboo, Liu Xichen, president of Shixi Media firm which is producing the show, told Xinhua news agency.

When can we look forward to a similar attitude--less dogma, more factual information--on our own shores?


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