Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Two For the Boys

I am still having connection problems. [Just like the Brain, I have a plan, I just can't implement it.] So, while I await the service call, here are a couple of articles for the boys.

First, some problems with Shanghai sperm.

Second, interesting findings from an international survey of men’s family planning attitudes and behavior:

Sexually active unmarried men use contraception more than married men. Sexually active unmarried men are more likely than married men to use contraception, primarily condoms. In only 16 surveyed countries do a majority of married men report that they or their wives use contraception. Nonetheless, in 41 countries married men report more condom use than married women do. This difference suggests that many men may use condoms extramaritally.

Men are more likely than women to know of family planning but less likely to approve. IIn 23 of 25 sub-Saharan countries, men are more likely than women to know of at least one contraceptive method, most often the condom. In other surveyed countries, men and women have similar levels of contraceptive awareness. In most surveyed countries, however, men are less likely than women to approve of family planning.


Men often want more children than women want. In 21 of 41 countries with survey data on desired family size, married men, on average, report that they want at least 0.5 more children than married women want. In nine sub-Saharan countries married men want an average of at least two children more.


Young unmarried men face years of potential HIV risk. In most of 33 countries with survey data, half of young men report that they began sex before age 18, but in most countries the median age at first marriage is between 23 and 30. This gap suggests that many young unmarried men face at least five years of potential risk for STIs, including HIV/AIDS. Despite the risk, in 15 of 32 countries with data, most sexually active unmarried adolescent men do not use condoms or any other contraceptive method.


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