Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reflections of an Almost Nonvoter

Today is election day and I almost didn't cast my vote. I have never abstained before, but this year I simply didn't think I had a choice. Voting for the current Mayor was out of the question. [Infringing on private property rights and infantilizing adults are deal breakers for me.] And so was voting for the leading opponent. [Too "here's a problem, let's throw a few billions at it", and "it's for the children" for my taste.]

Because I was very uncomfortable with my decision not to vote, I forced myself to read the entire voter guide for my district. I had to make sure not voting was my one and only option.

Long story short, I am happy to report that not only have I just returned from my polling site, but I also managed to vote for a mayoral candidate I find most acceptable.



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