Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Fristing of an Anatomically Correct Female

If you want to understand the rise of scientifically baseless health laws and regulations in this country, you must pay careful attention to the brilliant display of tactics employed by those involved in the fristing of anatomically correct female 1 incident.

Study how Professor Althouse, our fearsome fighter for female freedom and equality, and her trusted sidekicks shift the focus from reality (the professor committing the relatively common faux pas of judging someone based on their appearance*), to various ideological messages (Bill Clinton's checkered past; the lefty blogosphere's worship of (Democratic) power over principles; the evils of feminism, etc.). Study and learn people!

*I realize Professor Althouse (like the majority of her supporters) is not a scientist, but really, is that sufficient to explain her refusal (?inability) to admit making a mistake, learning form it, apologizing, and moving on?


At 2:29 AM, Blogger Kaethe said...

Wow. Am I appalled. I had so far missed the whole thing from being off line. Fifteen bloggers with the president. Six women.

Is Althouse trying to come off as vapid or as stupid? Why the reference to "the beautiful blue eyes" comment made by a man? Has she never been photographed in a group, that she thinks they might have been arrayed "randomly?" Is she, perhaps, blind?

No, clearly, she isn't. Rather than acknowledge Clinton's success as a president, rather than address his failures as a president, she has to pick on a woman. I don't know Althouse from Adam's housecat, but I suspect she might be evil. Does she pretend to hold herself up as a defender of feminism? Or only as a defender of standards?


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