Monday, January 01, 2007

Revised Guidelines for Women's Health Screenings

ACOG has issued updated recommendations for:

1) Down syndrome screening--All pregnant women, regardless of their age, should be offered screening for Down syndrome in their first trimester.

2) HIV Testing--Routine HIV testing should be offered to women ages 19 to 64 regardless of personal risk factors...and...adolescents who are or ever have been sexually active.

3) HPV Vaccine--HPV vaccination [should] be offered to all girls and women 9 to 26 who have not previously been vaccinated.

4) Tdap Vaccine--Adolescents should receive the Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis (Tdap) booster once between ages 11 and 16, then every 10 years thereafter up to age 64.

5) Meningococcal Vaccine--[A]dolescents not previously immunized [should] receive meningococcal conjugate vaccination before entry into high school. Older women at high risk also should receive the vaccine.

6) Colorectal Cancer Screening--Women age 50 and older should be screened for colorectal cancer using one of five recommended screening strategies....Single samples obtained by digital rectal examination in the ob-gyn's office are not adequate for colorectal cancer screening.

7) Preconception Care--[E]ncourage women of childbearing age to develop a reproductive health plan to help conscientiously assess the desire for a child or children or desire not to have children. The plan also should address the optimal number, timing, and spacing of children; determine the steps needed to prevent or plan for and optimize a pregnancy; and evaluate current health status and other issues relevant to the health of a pregnancy.

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