Monday, January 08, 2007

T*mothy Cl*ne Re@lty Is Harrassing Me

For the past few weeks or so, spammer T*mothy Cl*ne, of T*mothy Cl*ne Re@lty, has been spamming my comments, in particular the ones to this post. [I've deleted the spam, but kept a screenshot.] Here's the spam:

Charlotte MLS [] said...

That is excellent news! It's an honor just to be nominated! If you need more useful information, check it out here Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate []

Being the suave blogger that I am, I've been checking the comments to that post regularly and deleting the spam [since I'm on blogspot I don't think I can just ban the IP, unfortunately]. Nothing interesting so far, other than the invasion of my online space, advertising on my blog without my permission and without paying the ad fee*, an utter waste of my time, and, most importantly, the inconvenience for my readers and a degradation of my blog's brand.

Today, I check again and look what I find (emphasis mine):

Charlotte MLS said...

That is excellent news! It's an honor just to be nominated! If you need more useful information, check it out here Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate

Thanks for your daily support honey ;)

Not only is T*mothy Cl*ne spamming me, now he's mocking me, making fun of the work I put in to preserve the quality of my work, and protect my readers from his garbage. Brilliant! If ever there was a time I've regretted being an untergeek, this would be it.

I've called spammer T*mothy Cl*ne of T*mothy Cl*ne Re@lty (704-759-3499), 10021 Park Cedar Dr., Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28210, NC licence #C14757; got a recording and left a message for him to call me back. I've also bookmarked the North Carolina Real Estate Commission site. Any suggestions; what else should I do to combat this problem?

*The fee for T*mothy Cl*ne Re@lty to advertise in my comments section is $1,499.39 per individual ad/posting/day.

UPDATE: Mrs. Cl*ne just called me. I told her what the problem was, and asked for an explanation. I even offered to email her the evidence. She said there's no need, as she knows exactly whom to talk to (the person doing the marketing for the company, I assume). Hopefully this will mark the end of me being a spammer mockee.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, that didn't last long. Today's spam:

Charlotte MLS said...

That is wonderful news. It is an honor just being nominated. Does health have anything to do with real estate? I think the information I would like to nominate for real estate would be: Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate
It really was helpful to me.

Thanks for all your help


I'm giving them till tomorrow. Stay tuned.

ETA: I've taken a commenter's advice and obscured the names.

Also, the spam continues, so I'm going to call them tomorrow and send them their first bill.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Bardiac said...

Good job getting it resolved, sounds like.

I think there are ways to ban a given ISP through blogger, if you get badly spammed again. I'm anything but an expert, though.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd use my fax machine, set it to autodial, and start calling T*mothy Cl*ne Re@lty over and over again. Nothing like having to listen to a fax-attempt-to-connect shriek that's keeping customers from getting through.

I'd also, were I you, nerf all the references to the realtor and the name, so that this doesn't improve their Google ranking because you menioned them in a post...

At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur still helping the guy. i've got close to top rank for charlotte real estate and i've watched him climb and climb. you are his third link on google.

search link: and see for yourself.


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