Sunday, March 11, 2007

Graphic, Vulgar, and Obscene Anti-American Christians and Other Religionists

This is just a placeholder post, to remind me, least I forget, of the dangers and obscenity of religious rule (via Pharyngula) and the loss of separation between Church and State.

Interesting (in a sinister kind of way) how much these Christians are into terrorism appeasement.

The Reclaiming America for Christ religionists (are you really that surprised that Dr. Allen and Mrs. Leslee Unruh are part of this crowd?) absorb the words of headline speakers who "understand" domestic terrorism*.

Bill Donohue (Catholic League president) relies on the counsel of an admitted terrorist appeaser who (1) blames Americans for 9/11 and assorted terrorist atrocities, (2) advocates ""common ground" with Muslims sympathetic to Bin Laden", and (3) is not adverse to America becoming a theocracy. [Dinesh D'Souza is on Catholic League's Board of Advisors.] At the same time, Mr. Donohue refuses to invest the Catholic League's money in companies that support our military**.

*I was unable to find a primary source for the quote attributed to Ms. Coulter. Hence, a link to a person who claims to have been there and who confirms the accuracy of Ms. Coulter's domestic terrorism appeasement remarks.

** From the 2005 IRS document (.pdf), 93.7% of the Catholic League's money ($5,461,665) is invested with Christian Brothers Investments, a privately owned group that screens out major military contractors: "Major military contractors are eliminated, as are those that support the use of landmines or make firearms."



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