Friday, April 27, 2007

Reasons Women Don't Use Birth Control

Interesting insight from a survey of women with viable unintended pregnancies ending in a birth:

Of 7856 respondents, 33% felt they could not get pregnant at the time of conception, 30% did not really mind if they got pregnant, 22% stated their partner did not want to use contraception, 16% cited side effects [from the birth control method they were using], 10% felt they or their partner were sterile, 10% cited access problems and 18% selected "other." [34% lack of thought or preparation; 18% thought she was at low risk for pregnancy; 9% did not know why or just did not want to; 7.5% miscellaneous; 6% relied on alternative method such as withdrawal; etc.]


Almost half of women with viable unintended pregnancies ending in a birth felt they could not/would not get pregnant at the time of conception. Most women identified with a single reason for having unprotected intercourse.



At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

= we need a lot more education about contraception and pregnancy. This is just scary.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally don't use birth control. i'm not "trying" to get pregnant but i have the means to support a kid if i did. birth control pills make me violently ill. i'm not able to use any other method besides condoms. i'm married and don't usually use them unless i know i'm on a really fertile day. but personally if i did have a baby that would be okay. i would rather wait a couple more years (im 21) but now is fine. my doctor is always pressuring me to use birth control though and it gets on my nerves. birth control repulses me. (not for others just for me)


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