Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unverified Radiological Threat Made Against NYC

Channel 4 is reporting that an unverified radiological threat was made against New York City Friday:

The New York Police Department released the following statement:

"While the threat remains unverified, our counterterrorism posture, which is reconfigured daily based on intelligence from around the world, has been modified to include increased deployment of radiological sensors, including vehicle, marine and helicopter-mounted, as well as those carried by NYPD personnel."

Additionally, vehicle checkpoints were established in the city, including lower Manhattan, and at certain approaches to the city from neighboring jurisdictions.

Hmm, not sure what to make of this. The vehicle checkpoints with the specialized equipment are a new development, but on the other hand the only source cited by Channel 4 was a Debkafile report. In any case, if there really is a truck with a radioactive bomb cruising the city streets it's too late for reconfiguring deployments (ah, the bureaucratspeak, don't you just love it).

Bottom line: If my blog goes glowy all of a sudden, you'll know why.

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