Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama Makes War Veteran Army Sgt. Herrera Cry...Not

Did the Associated Press just print a big, fat lie about a war veteran, Army Sgt. Margaret H. Herrera?

Here's how AP reports what happened at last night's Commander in Chief Ball (emphasis mine):

At the Commander in Chief Ball, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden each saluted the nation's military men and women via satellite. Biden said he wasn't looking forward to his moment in the spotlight — the dancing, that is.

"The thing that frightens me the most (is) I'm going to have to stand in that circle and dance in a minute." At that, he laughed and did a quick sign of the cross.

The Obamas were more enthusiastic, splitting up to dance with Marine Sgt. Elidio Guillen of Madera, Calif. — who was shorter than dance partner Michelle — and Army Sgt. Margaret H. Herrera, who cried in the president's arms.

I was absolutely dumbfounded when I read that, for two reasons.

First, I was watching TV and I saw the President dance with Sgt. Herrera in real time. There was no crying; they chatted and danced.

Second, I also happened to catch a post-dance interview with Sgt. Herrera and I was struck by her composure and utter professionalism. When asked the typical, silly "Your house was just totaled by a hurricane, so, how do you feel?" "How did you feel being up there dancing with him...were you worried?", her answer was:

No Ma'am, I'm a soldier. We handle pressure very well.

You tell me, am I missing something? Here's one view:

And another one (starting @ 8:12):

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