Friday, May 08, 2009

Larry Donlan, Fetal Tissue Fetishist

Let's hear it for Mr. Larry Spurgeon and his neighbors in Bellevue, Nebraska for standing up to, and refusing to be intimidated by, a deranged person with a fetal tissue fetish, Larry Donlan, the director of Rescue the Heartland.

After Donlan drove a truck with graphic tissue images 23 times in the span of one hour through their neighborhood:

...Larry Spurgeon said he’d had enough. Spurgeon laid down in the street to block the truck.

“Free speech is one thing, but it becomes harassment after 23 times and we’re keeping our kids in the house,” said Spurgeon’s wife, Karen.

Spurgeon was arrested for refusing a lawful order. But neighbors rallied around Spurgeon and offered money to help pay for his bail.

The neighbors said the truck had been driving around for about an hour. Some of them said they were shocked at the images, especially since their children were being exposed to them.


Spurgeon was released from the Sarpy County jail Tuesday night and said he’d lie down in the street again if the protesters show up.

“We understand they think they’re on a mission. We understand that. Now leave, that’s all,” Spurgeon said.

The reason Mr. Spurgeon's area was picked for the fetal tissue exhibitionism was because a nurse who assists with abortions lives in the neighborhood. Which, if you think about it, totally makes sense. Because if there's one group of people who's unfamiliar with products of conception, it's the medical personnel who assists in the procedure.

One more thing, just so there's no confusion. Larry Donlan is a deranged person not because he has a fetal tissue fetish (hey, he's an adult, it's a free country, and all that). Larry Donlan is deranged because, according to him:

1) Pathological specimens should be used by parents to teach their children about fistulas, vaginal and rectal tears, products of conception tissues, you know, obstetrics and gynecology.

2) It's appropriate for adult male strangers to expose other people's kids to graphic, anatomical pictures.

3) He, as opposed to parents, is a better judge of what's appropriately traumatic for random children.

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