Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is It Wrong to Murder an [William Saletan]?

Slate and William Saletan want to know if you think it's wrong to murder an [William Saletan]:

[An organization]...endorses the murder of [columnists like William Saletan] on the grounds that "whatever force is legitimate to defend the [country from domestic terrorism] is legitimate to defend [against domestic terrorism enablers]."

Is that statement wrong? Is it wrong to defend the [country against domestic terrorism enablers] as you would defend [against domestic terrorists]? Because that's the question this murder poses.

[Disclaimer: For any government types monitoring this site in a much needed attempt to protect the truly oppressed and endangered among us, I, unlike Slate and Mr. Saletan (and many others), have not lost touch with reality. I know that enabling, advocating for, actually assassinating people and committing acts of terrorism is wrong. That's why I engage in, and advocate, snark instead of, you know, murder.


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