Friday, May 22, 2009

Religious Morals 101: How to Deal With Children and Adults

If you're an Irish Catholic priest, a nun, or Bill Donohue kicking, kissing, ogling, and raping 11.99% of the miscreants children under your care are minor instances of abuse.

If you're a Serbian Orthodox Christian you use a shovel to rehab junkies drug addicts.

But what do you do if you're an Israeli rabbi and you think children are possessed by the devil unpure?

Apparently, you hit kids in the head with a hammer, among other things:

BRASILIA, Brazil – The Brazilian government can extradite a fugitive rabbi to Israel where he is accused of burning and cutting toddlers as part of a purification ritual, the Supreme Court said Friday.


The Court found there was cause for Hen to stand trial for allegedly subjecting eight children to "intense physical and mental suffering because they were supposedly possessed by the devil."


Hen, who allegedly acted with four other people, was arrested in Brazil in June 2008 after a 45-day manhunt. Police did not say how or when he and his family arrived in the country.

The rabbi allegedly hit the children in the head and face and burned their hands, the court said. One child sustained permanent brain damage and is in a vegetative state.

Bottom line: How you people fail to see the benefits of a theocracy is beyond me.

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