Thursday, February 17, 2011

God to Army Chaplain: "Rape, It's All Me"

Army Maj. Gen. David Quantock, the commanding general at Fort Leonard Wood, calls a press conference and declares the Army to be a culture intolerant of sexual assault and sexual abuse of any kind.

Okay, except as far as I know chaplains are still part of the Army:

Seventeen current and former service members who say they were raped or assaulted by fellow soldiers said they filed the federal class-action lawsuit to force the Pentagon to change how it handles such cases. One of the plaintiffs was a former Army sergeant who claimed that when she approached a chaplain at Fort Leonard Wood to discuss stress related to running into a service member who had allegedly raped her in the past, the chaplain told her that "it must have been God's will for her to be raped" and suggested she attend church more often.

Assuming the sergeant's charges are true, the chaplain's action is anything but intolerant of sexual assault and abuse. Irrespective of personal religious beliefs, a chaplain's job is to offer aid and comfort to the troops not to cause them more harm.

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At 8:30 AM, Anonymous MLT said...

Yay an other reason for me to avoid the chaplain... I avoid being alone with anyone, male or female regardless of rank. Even for confession :) keeps integrity and situations in check if you ask me.


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