Sunday, June 03, 2007

Appeal For Donations

Give me more than $1 million, and I, too, will [tour] the state...with a slide show and...images of sexually transmitted infections.... The twist? My information will be medically accurate and educational.

Just don't appoint me to any Presidential Advisory anything, or as an adviser to any health governmental agency as I'm afraid the proximity to politicians would cause the onset of a generalized flare-up of urticaria. And occasional bouts of slapping the twits silly.

Seriously now, read the linked article (via feministing) and marvel. And once you're done doing that, tell me something. How exactly are we supposed to combat this super well-funded, well-connected propaganda enterprise? Just countering the lies and misinformation with facts doesn't even begin to make a dent.

I'm open to suggestions...and multi-million dollar grants.



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