Thursday, September 09, 2004

In the Blue

Menstrual pad TV commercials strike again:

I fear I may be an incomplete woman.

I just saw an advertisement for something I never knew I needed. But then, I've learnt so much from America, I think it might be me and not them, for once.

Apparently, if you sit down for a long time and then you stand up you need some kind of sanitary towel to protect you from some awful discharge. The discharge is blue, does not itch, and is not apparently curdled, unlike Thrush. The sanitary pad doesn't have wings, but it does absorb more blue ink than a leading rival, so they say. We are apparently at risk of this every day!


At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen this article?

Here in Denmark the pro-life community is - thank god - still on the fringes. It scares me however to see just how well the salami method seems to be working in the US. Abortion is still legal - but slice by slice it is made more and more difficult.

Theres no argument that the decision to have an abortion should not be taken lightly - but then again - it should be the womans choice!

By the way - impressing blog - I get to educate my wife on her contraceptives.


Copenhagen, Denmark


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