Monday, January 10, 2005

Del. Cosgrove Update

I called the Chesapeake Police Department (757-382-6161) and asked them to confirm that they did, indeed, submit a legislative package to Delegate Cosgrove's office. The reply was something along this line "We know nothin' about no legislative package." I really hope they actually knew about it and were just blowing me off because of some misplaced secrecy concern. [Although, shouldn't a legislative request be public record?]

In any case, they were nice enough to give me the number of Miss Christina Golden, their PIO (757-382-8967). That's Public Information Officer for you civilian types. [May I just say I actually guessed this one on my own, since the police person who gave me her number and title wasn't too sure what the acronym stood for. Ha.]

I called Miss Golden, and she wasn't familiar with this particular legislative request. She did however mention that the City Public Communications (CPC) office (757-382-6241) would have all these legislative requests. Since she was on her way out to attend a polygraph exam and didn't have time to research the matter for me, she asked me to call the CPC office. [Do I work for them now?]

So, off to calling the CPC office I went. I spoke with Donna, asked my question, gave her all the background info, and my name and number, as well as my URL and the one for Democracy for Virginia. She promised to look into this and call me back.

Not that I don't enjoy making call after call and repeating the same story over and over again, but wouldn't a direct link on Del. Cosgrove's site to the Chesapeake Police Department legislative request make more sense?

I'll update once I have more information.

Correction: The name of the person I spoke with at the CPC is Dawn, not Donna. My apology.


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