Saturday, July 16, 2005

Plan B Spin

Ladies, an update on Plan B, from the people who make your health decisions for you--politicians and FDA officials:

U.S. regulators will decide by Sept. 1 whether to approve Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s bid to sell the Plan B "morning-after" contraceptive without a prescription, two Senate Democrats said on Friday.

Sens. Patty Murray of Washington and Hillary Clinton of New York said news of the deadline came from Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt. In response, Murray and Clinton said they had dropped their objections to a vote on the nomination of Acting Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester Crawford to become permanent FDA chief.


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Deadlines on the Plan B decision have come and gone without action before. I hope they really mean it this time.


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