Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ban Reproduction!

Wow, I had no idea (fee article):

In the last decade, the number of students entering the specialty [Ob/Gyn] has plummeted. In 1996 and 1997, applicants for obstetrics and gynecology residencies were lined up around the block. Since then, the number of applicants has gone into free fall. Only 743 graduating medical students in the United States applied for 1,142 residency slots in 2004. More than a third of the slots went to foreign medical graduates or remained empty.

On the bright side, once the push to ban terminations and contraception succeeds (fingers crossed), all we need to do is enact some strict governmental limits on intercourse and reproductive organs, and, voila!, problem solved. Fewer Ob/Gyns unregulated reproduction function.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger margie said...

Speaking as a medical student, part of the reason people aren't going into OB/GYN might be that a LOT the residents seem unhappy, which makes them unpleasant to be around. That and the insane malpractice premiums.

I'm not exactly sure WHY so many of the residents are so bitchy, but their temprament isn't exactly a selling point for the specialty.


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