Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PetStyle Comes Bearing Gifts

I was walking my dog last night and neither one of us was in the best of moods, what with the 83 degrees at 9 PM and about 1000 humidity. As I'm nearing my building, I notice a man, carrying something in his hand, crossing the street and heading straight for me.

I immediately adopt the standard "What.Is.Your.Problem/Advance at your own risk!" posture. Luckily, for me, I do hold back a bit on the attitude since I'm right in front of my building, the man is dressed in full business attire and the thing in his hand is pink.

Turns out all the man wanted to do was to give me a goody bag for my dog. Apparently the PetStyle people had just finished a function nearby and, as they were packing up their car, they decided to hand out treats to passing doggies (and their not-so-friendly-at-first-glance owners).

Here's the present (T-shirt, water bottle, shampoo and organic treats--ironic, if you knew my dog, Mr. I-never-met-any-street garbage-"treat"-I-didn't-like):

And here's my dog after his walk:

I checked out PetStyle, the first broadband pet channel for dog and cat owners, and it looks interesting. The site is geared to both dog and cat people and it's a mix of pet resources and pet entertainment. I'm not all that into their celebrity pets section, but I do like the Health and Wellness and Pictures areas.

So, thank you to the PetStyle people for the present and good to know that, sometimes, strangers approaching you at nigh come bearing gifts.

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