Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mexico City Abortion Law Upheld

Photo by Esparta
Some good news from Mexico:

Mexico's Supreme Court on Thursday voted 8-3 to uphold a Mexico City law allowing abortion under any condition in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy....


The court in the decision rejected arguments by abortion-rights opponents that the law violated the Mexican Constitution, which the opponents claimed protects embryos. Justice Genaro Gongora Pimentel said, "Human rights systems cannot require states to defend a right to life from conception," adding, "It would mean imposing ideologies and subjective values that could sacrifice other rights that are fully identifiable"....

Justice Sergio Valls added, "To affirm that there is an absolute constitutional protection of life in gestation would lead to the violation of the fundamental rights of women"....

Now if only those behind the proposed Colorado initiative to define a fertilized egg as a "person" would notice the existence of women, we'd be all set.

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