Tuesday, July 15, 2008

U.S. Democracy Depends On Retroactive Immunity for Printer Makers

Remember when politicians told us that FISA will only be used to investigate terrorism and not as a tool of domestic law enforcement?

It's now the Secret Service's turn to assure us that identifying dots [they tell authorities the serial number of a printer that made a document and, in some cases, also the time and date it was printed] on laser printers are only used to investigate counterfeiters.

Now, in the good old days of Communism, the State's eavesdropping was omnipresent and an absolute state power. It was a given that your home, your phone, hotel rooms, cars, offices, classrooms will be bugged. Also, every single typewriter in the country had to be registered with the state and a sample of typed text had to be filed with the police. Failure to comply would land you in jail. But at least not even the crassest, most brainwashed piece of garbage Communist official would pretend it was all about fighting terrorists and counterfeiters.

Bottom line: I, being the good citizen that I am, totally plan to get a jump on things and voluntarily register my non-doted ink-jet printer with the cops. Because it's never too early to ingratiate yourself with the authorities of an upcoming totalitarian state. I strongly advise you do the same.

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