Friday, February 06, 2009

Sen. John Cornyn Supports Burning On Urination

Sen. John Cornyn opposes funding STD prevention. He says those funds would be better spent buying modern equipment for the National Guard and Reserve forces.

Sen. Cornyn might be a sadomasochist but people in the military are just too important (not to mention cute; see below) to entrust twits like Sen. Cornyn with their well-being.

First, people in the military are not immune to, you know, STIs. And by "not immune" I mean they have staggering STIs rates for such a controlled environment:

Of the 4 STIs, CT [chlamydia] rates have remained the highest, ranging from 95 to 1600 (per 100,000 person-years). Among the 4 military services, the Army reported the highest rates for all 4 STIs (CT rate, 2006: 1598.2; GC [gonorrhea] rate, 2006: 342.3; NGU [non-gonococcal urethritis] rate, 2006: 61.4; TP [syphilis] rate, 2006: 7.5). Annual CT and GC rates were consistently higher among women less than 25 years of age in comparison to men of the same age; NGU rates consistently higher among men; and TP rates generally higher among men. Reporting and screening requirements varied between services.

Second, super-duper military equipment is not all that effective against burning on urination and a pungent penile discharge. Education, condoms, and meds are much more effective.

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