Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brazilian Bishops: Not All Abortions Are Bad, But All Women Are Child-Like

In an article on the widespread problem of sexual abuse of under-age girls in Brazil, the The New York Times has an interesting update on the case of the 9 yo who was raped by her stepfather.

The Brazilian archbishop who promptly excommunicated everyone involved with rendering proper medical care to the girl -- her mother and the medical personnel -- but not the rapist, has been overruled by a conference of Brazilian bishops:

The storm intensified when a high-ranking Vatican official supported the excommunications. But then a conference of Brazilian bishops overruled Archbishop Sobrinho, saying that the child’s mother had acted “under pressure” from doctors who said the girl would die if she carried the babies to term, and that only doctors who “systematically” performed abortions should be thrown out of the church.

Got that? The girl's mother is not to be held responsible for her actions since women, by definition, are not capable of making their own decisions. [Great news for all female Catholic Ob/Gyns who perform abortions.] Also, it looks like not all abortions are created equal (heh, I said "created"). As long as an abortion here and there helps shield the church from criticism, performing abortions isn't an excommunicable offense.

Who says the Catholic hierarchy isn't firmly grounded in reality and, dare I say it, quite progressive?

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