Monday, June 08, 2009

DOJ to Investigate Dr. Tiller's Assassination

Threat of [maybe, perhaps] a crime: Former Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison: "We've got a lot of e-mails — hundreds and hundreds and hundreds," he said. "Whether they're threatening is probably a judgment call."

Action: Unprecedented security greeted reporters Thursday for Attorney General Paul Morrison's announcement of findings in an investigation of Wichita abortion physician George Tiller.

Armed officers checked identification badges at the front door of the Memorial Building next to the Statehouse. Only reporters were allowed inside. Everyone was directed to a lone elevator. No one was allowed to walk up the stairs. Guards were stationed in the four corners of the third-floor lobby where the news conference was held.

Morrison said the security arrangements reflected the volume of e-mails his office had received since January.

Actual federal crime: Gluing the back door of reproductive health clinic repeatedly, last time on the morning of the day before you're going to assassinate Dr. Tiller. The FBI both knows about the crime and has tape of it.

Action: Nothing, because a grand jury was[n't] convened and/or look[ed] into the matter, and a belated umm, well OK then, we'll have a look at this silly matter.

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