Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr. Charles' Examining Room and Ob/Gyn Blogs

Dr. Charles' blog The Examining Room of Dr. Charles has a new address. Please update your bookmarks and make sure you visit him often. He is an outstanding medblogger well worth your reading time.

And speaking of blogs worthy of your reading time, I've finally grouped all the Ob/Gyn blogs in the sidebar under a separate heading to make it easier for you to spend countless hours reading blogs by The Best, The Beautifulest, The Brightest Ob/Gyns.



At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello,my spouse has white,pinkish,purple lesions on the vulva.
she has 2 opinions to do surgery.
told you have hpv,or hidradenitis supporativa(spelling?)
like to know where we can get diagnosis or idea of what it is.they look like lumps,not indurated.
any thoughts.
she is 49 no history of std or hpv as far as i know.
now she is secretive/
what could that be.
thank you a husband concerned


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