Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get It Together XO Jane! Every Pharmacy In New York Is Out of Plan B For a Very Rood Reason! Every One!

This article is intended as satire, I think. Unfortunately, it's poorly executed satire and the topic is birth control. That's a dangerous combination in dire need of a remedy, or two.

Here's mine:

Plan B isn't pining for the fjords, it's no more

Pharmacies are out of Plan B because Plan B has been discontinued by its manufacturer quite some time ago. So forget about Plan B and familiarize yourselves with the available emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) brands.

Next Choice and Postinor

Next Choice and Postinor (outside the US) are the equivalent of Plan B -- 2 pill levonorgestrel (LNG), a progestin, dose brands available without a prescription and on Amazon. Take both pills at the same time (disregard label instructions), as soon as possible after the act of unprotected intercourse, up to 120 hrs/5 days. The sooner you use it, the more effective it is.

Plan B One-Step, i-Pill/Nextime, and Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis

Plan B One-Step, i-Pill/Nextime, and Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis are 1 pill LNG dose brands also available without a prescription and on Amazon (Plan B One-Step and i-Pill/Nextime). The instructions for use are the same as for the 2 pill dose brands -- take the pill as soon as possible, up to 120 hrs/5 days. The sooner you use it, the better.


This a newer type of ECP, a 1 pill ulipristal acetate (UA), a second generation progesterone receptor modulator, dose brand available by prescription only. Have your physician write an advance prescription, fill it, and keep it handy to use when you inevitably find yourself in need of it on that long holiday weekend at 3AM. Same instructions for use; possibly more effective than the LNG brands when used after 72 hrs.

*Emergency* Contraception Pill

ECP postcoital birth control is only to be used in an emergency for the simple reason that it's not as effective as the other available methods when used on a regular basis.

The most effective regular birth control methods are the IUD and the implant.

Bottom line

Forget Plan B, remember Plan B One-Step, i-Pill / Nextime, Next Choice, Postinor, Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis, and ella. Don't substitute ECP for regular birth control. And, last but not least, even in emergencies avoid attempts at satirical articles on birth control.

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At 3:25 AM, Blogger tai said...

I was wandering if you could answer my question..
after me and the boyfriend had protected sex, he was worried of me getting regnant. so i took next choice. i then had my period a few days laterr. (making me have two periods in one month)..we then had protected sex sometime inbetween..and a few days ago i had light bleeding and a few splotches after. am i pregnant? Or is this a side effect from NC?


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