Monday, July 09, 2007

Birth Control Hormones

Nice progestins chart from Medscape:

Pill Hormones

A 2004 Cochrane review of 22 randomized controlled trials comparing different progestins, including mono- and multiphasic OC formulations, demonstrated that overall, second- and third-generation progestins performed better than first-generation progestins. Findings included significantly fewer discontinuations due to adverse events with OCs containing second- or third-generation progestins; significantly better cycle control was also demonstrated for both mono- and multiphasic formulations containing these progestins. Effectiveness for pregnancy prevention and bleeding abnormalities were similar between OCs containing gestodene (not available in the United States) and levonorgestrel, although less intermenstrual bleeding occurred with gestodene. The performance of drospirenone was similar to that of desogestrel. Participants preferred using OCs containing second- or third-generation progestins to those with early progestins that included norethindrone, ethynodiol diacetate, lynestrenol, and norethynodrel.

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